The hospital will be staffed with highly skilled doctors, surgeons, and specialists and will stay active 24/7.
The authorities will pay special attention to the hygienic conditions
Plus, an adequate number of beds, sterile equipment, and armamentarium will be available endlessly
Alongside, hospitals, laboratories, and diagnostic centers will also be constructed so that residents can get their tests done effortlessly.

The soul-stirring voice of Azaan, heart-warming essence of prayers, gratifying recitation of Al-Quran, and resilient infrastructure is all that this splendid mosque has instore that will conquer your hearts. This contemporary mosque is constructed in a way that it offers the best of both worlds, serene, Zen-like feeling inside, and aesthetically pleasing landscapes that are certainly an architectural marvel

Prime Valley Islamabad intends to provide free education to all its residents, so no one gets deprived of their basic right to live and learn. Education is the key essence of contemporary, civilized, and organized society. Our grand educational complex will be staffed with highly qualified professors to not only impart knowledge to students, but also ethical, moral, and core values.

Shopping Malls
The shopping malls will be equipped with national and international brands that will have everything the residents will ever need. You can enjoy shopping, social gatherings, events, and promotions. So, in a nutshell, with a variety of stores and dining options to choose from, shopping is going to be way more exciting than it has been in the past.

Wide Carpeted Road
Get the most out of your vehicle without sacrificing anything! Prime Valley Islamabad offers wide highways that will give you enhanced safety, high-level comfort, and convenience to suit the needs of future modern society. This offers less congestion, lesser risk of damage in transit with rapid speed, longer journey times, and lower vehicle operating costs in the long run.

Innovation Centers
By building the grand innovation centers we intend to create a technologically advanced world where founders of tech-enabled start-ups have every opportunity and support needed to grow their ventures at the highest rate possible. We offer a wide range of services and programs that help you get your business off the ground, scale it up and keep it running.

Day Care Centers
Working mothers can leave their children in our daycare facilities while they are at work. Our daycare centers offer quality care that is tailored to child’s needs and are equipped with a lot of toys and fun activities. Our caring and qualified caregivers will ensure that the little one has an enriching experience every day, filled with love, care, and attention.

Theme Parks
Prime Valley Islamabad is not just a mere place to live but a highly regarded luxury residential marvel. From high standards of living to sustainability, entertainment to sports, everything is properly planned and developed by the developers and owners. Keeping this in account, we have developed a theme park for children where they spend their leisure time and play.